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The state lottery campaign, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter's creation, says the Bailey Family of Little Rock has contributed another $55,000 to the cause, on top of $300,000 in initial seed money. They've been essentially the sole source of support for the effort and they have declined to discuss at any length with us their interest, beyond statements that they like the idea.

If it makes the ballot, some additional money might appear -- the companies that provide goods and services for operation of the lottery. They've typically bankrolled lottery campaigns in other states.


Bailey Family Extends Financial Commitment to Scholarship Lottery Effort
Little Rock –  Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter’s initiative campaign effort to establish an Arkansas scholarship lottery today disclosed it raised an additional $55,688 during the month of April. The Hope for Arkansas committee retains $29,288 “cash-on-hand”.
“Thanks to the Bailey family’s generosity and dedication to opening new doors of opportunity for more Arkansans, the scholarship lottery effort continues to have the resources needed to be successful,” said Hope for Arkansas spokesperson Bud Jackson. “Since the lieutenant governor has not needed to dedicate time to raising money for the initiative, he has had more time to travel the state and to speak about the benefits that tens of millions of dollars in new college scholarships from a lottery would offer Arkansans.”
The Bailey Family initially committed to contributing a total of $300,000 and fulfilled its commitment as disclosed in earlier ethics reports. This month, the Bailey Family added another $55,688. “The Bailey Family has also not ruled out future additional contributions,” concluded Jackson.

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