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Obama stoops to conquer



After a 40-point shellacking in West Virginia (a state that has been a part of winning Democratic presidencies of yore), Barack Obama -- flag lapel pin firmly in place and words like God springing frequently from his lips -- has begun an outreach to working class voters. NY Times analyzes the media-declared nominee's mission.

Mr. Obama’s advisers downplayed the West Virginia loss, describing the state as demographically unfriendly territory — the primary electorate was 95 percent white; 70 percent did not attend college — and pointing to national polls showing him in a strong position.

Remember the rule: It is racist for a Clinton or Clinton supporter to note unfriendly demographics when she loses a state. But Obama people can blame their loss on ignorant honkys with impunity.

And here, for more stick-poking fun, a right-winger in Weekly Standard writes admiringly of the fightin' Hillary Clinton.

Hillary may still be a nanny-state type in some of her policies, but in her own life she seems more and more of a Social Darwinian, refusing to lose, and insisting on shaping her destiny. If the fittest survive, she intends to be one of them. This takes her part of the way towards a private conversion. She is acting like one of our own.

If this weren't enough to make right-wing hearts flutter, Hillary has another brand-new advantage: She is hated on all the right fronts. The snots and the snark-mongers now all despise her, along with the trendies, the glitzies; the food, drama, and lifestyle critics, the beautiful people (and those who would join them), the Style sections of all the big papers; the slick magazines; the above-it-all pundits, who have looked down for years on the Republicans and on the poor fools who elect them, and now sneer even harder at her.

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