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Huckablog and the GOP 'brand'



Mike Huckabee not only has a future on TV, he's a prolific blogger. Today, he comments on the Mississippi congressional loss, where he'd worked hard for the loser.

We had a great candidate, but the Democrat very effectively ran as a pro life, pro 2nd amendment conservative. I’m convinced that for the GOP to have wins this year we have to focus on specific issues and not party building (for us) or party bashing (against them).

PS -- Huckabee's latest blog post also takes strong exception to a blog post mentioned here that claimed his campaign manager Ed Rollins had said in an interview that the floating cross in the Huckabee commercial last December was intentional. Huckabee said the blog misinterpreted Rollins' remarks.

PPS -- Huck's on message about staying away from party brands. GOP officials are red-faced after the Mississippi loss.

Republican House leaders are scrambling to contain the damage after a third straight special election loss, with NRCC Chairman Tom Cole putting the blame on the party’s public image and former NRCC Chairman Tom Davis warning of a bloodbath in November if members can’t divorce themselves from the “brand” put on their party by President Bush.

... “The political atmosphere facing House Republicans this November is the worst since Watergate and is far more toxic than the fall of 2006, when we lost 30 seats (and our majority) and came within a couple of percentage points of losing another 15 seats,” [former NRCC chair Tom] Davis wrote. “Whether measured by polls, open seats, money, voter registration, generic ballot, presidential popularity or issues, our party faces a steep climb to maintain our current numbers.”

Davis warned that the Republicans could lose 19 more seats in November if they don’t find a way to reinvent their brand, which he said is now “an albatross to our members.”

Brand. Does that mean blithering incompetence, dishonesty, arrogance and abuse of power? Albatrosses, to be sure.



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