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Good idea. KATV apparently is working on a story about cell phone bills at the LR School District. It has FOI'ed the district's phone records.

Here's a story for someone with more manpower and time than I can devote: How many cell phones have been issued in state government? Who gets them? What sort of plan do they have? Clearly, it's probably impossible to limit their use to business only. Who has Blackberries? Iphones? Etc. What do phones cost the state now vs. that day when there were no cell phones? Nobody has given up land lines. 

It wasn't so long ago that we lived in a world without wireless. I remember covering Ronald Gene Simmons' execution at Cummins in 1990. We borrowed a rare shoebox-sized phone from Alltel, I believe, so we could provide an instant report of the death to the desk. As if that mattered. It was going to take hours to print the paper anyway. There was no web then either, remember? What one generation has wrought.

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