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Should Hillary continue?



That's the question of the day.

Unlike other days, I suspect that a growing number of even dedicated Clinton supporters will say the answer is "no."

Her campaign's final fallback is a pitch for Florida and Michigan delegates. And she's campaigning on.

BY THE WAY: McCain continues to have less than strong affirmation in essentially uncontested primaries. The Democrats CAN win.

A scan of the commentary headlines roundup on Real Clear Politics reflects a unanimous opinion that Tuesday night was the death knell of the Clinton campaign, though it's worth noting that she long ago lost nearly all of the commentariat. This New Republic blog posting was of local note

A few days ago I joked that Hillary had come to resemble Mike Huckabee: Deriding elites, playing the populist, campaigning hard in rural areas. But as I get ready to sign off, with Indiana still undecided, it's clear that tonight was at best a major blow for Hillary and at worst a total campaign-ending disaster. A few TV commentators have declared that her campaign is effectively dead either way, but that she may carry on for a while--maybe until June 3--with a purely positive campaign whose last hope is a totally unforced error (a.k.a. "macaca moment") that brings Obama down. And that, of course, is how Mike Huckabee closed out his own campaign--harmlessly traveling around with barely an ill word for John McCain. Hillary's bizarre transformation will have been complete. (That they both lived in the Arkansas governor's mansion makes it that much stranger....)

Finally, where does the press get off urging Clinton to quit? As the writer who I have linked notes, she's not the first candidate to continue to run despite scant chance of winning. What's unprecedented is the media's active urging such a candidate to quit. Of course media antipathy toward this candidate -- make that hatred in many quarters -- is also unprecedented.

STATISTICAL NOTE: Nobody wanted to call Indiana for Clinton until every last vote was reported and she had a 2-point lead. The popular vote total in the U.S. through yesterday, counting Florida, but not Michigan, puts Obama up by 1.2 points.


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