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'Drug war outrage'



The Reason blog has taken up the case of Tracy Ingle, the North Little Rock man blasted by NLR cops during a no-knock raid on his home that turned up zero drugs. David Koon reported this story in detail for the Times.

Ingle drew a gun for the understandable reason that people were busting into his home. But he never fired and says he put the weapon down when he realized the intruders were cops. It didn't stop them from shooting up Ingle and his house. For his trouble, Ingle faces criminal charges. Really.

The cops won't talk about it. The blog notes, as our Insider column will this week, that the prosecutor in the case even asked for a gag order -- no doubt to prevent further embarrassing reporting on police actions. The blog does not note, nor will our Insider, that the prosecutor withdrew the request for the gag order. We were notified of this after we went to press yesterday. A gag order in a case where our story has been the only significant reporting never made sense, except to protect the cops.

Reason argues that the police failed to provide specific justification for a no-knock warrant. Service of an announced warrant seems unlikely to have left Ingle near death. But it wouldn't be like an NLR cop to admit error by dismissing charges against the victim of their mistake.

UPDATE: The stories have been picked up by Reddit, one of the big web story filters, and it has provoked quite a round of commentary, including a telephone campaign to NLR city officials. Love those Internets.

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