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Split decision?



So it would appear at this post. Everybody called North Carolina for Obama the moment the polls closed. If a third of the vote was black and Obama got 91 percent of it, as exit polls showed, Clinton would have needed 70 percent of the white votes to win. Wasn't going to happen, not nearly. He'll have a huge win there.

With 20 percent of the vote counted in Indiana, Clinton is ahead by 14 points, but nobody wants to call it. It seems likely she'll win there. If so, the biggest loser of the night is Zogby polling, which gave Obama the lead in Indiana. He's been crazily wrong before on other occasions this year.

On to June 3.

This note. About half of Clinton voters told exit pollsters they wouldn't vote for Obama in the fall. But, as the commentators are emphasizing, many Republicans and independents are voting. So the unhappy Clinton voters may or may not be disaffected Democrats. They may be those avidly sought crossover voters.

You tell me.

UPDATE: An Obama landslide in North Carolina, as expected. A squeaky win, at best, for Clinton in Indiana where expectations were mixed. Together, it's powerful, maybe unstoppable, momentum for Obama.

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