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The Pulaski County ACORN PAC has issued political endorsements. I was interested in some picks related to the neighborhoods where the grassroots group is known to be strong.

ACORN didn't make a choice in the Democratic primary race for Senate District 33, where incumbent Sen. Irma Brown faces a challenge from former legislator Joyce Elliott. "ACORN has worked positively with both candidates and believes that either one would serve their constituents well."

In the race for the open seat in House District 36, ACORN backed Charles King over Darrin Williams. "Both candidates were thoughtful and took good positions on the issues. The committee believes that Mr. King will be more accountable to his low- to moderate-income constituents."

Other picks: Incumbent Judge Wendell Griffen for Court of Appeals; incumbent JP Wilandra Dean for District 5; incumbent JP Ann McCaleb for District (even though she's been serving the interests of despoilers of Lake Maumelle); Rita Bailey and Veletta Smith for district judge, Wrightsville division; for LR district court, criminal division, Alice Lightle, and, for LR environmental court, Mark Leverett. Leverett's work as a legal advisor to Circuit Judge Willard Proctor in the ongoing disaster that is Proctor's independent, unaccountable Cycle Breakers probation program makes him the most problematic candidate in any judicial race. Sound judgment -- the first among all qualities to consider in a judicial candidate -- has been woefully lacking at nearly every step of the mess. Also, an investigation of Proctor in the matter is reaching critical mass.


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