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The Democratic Party apparently has sent a letter to Democratic officeholders urging them not to support Republicans in election contests. Pitiful that this is necessary, but it is, thanks to people like Rep. Robbie Wills, who was willing to do just about anything to line up Republican votes necessary to be elected House speaker in 2009.

And, Wills tells John Brummett, he's not the least bit sorry about it.

One comment on the bipartisan blather issuing forth from Wills: You can work cooperatively with all members of the legislature without contributing your name and money to their re-election campaigns. If it takes campaign contributions to win their votes, there's a word for that and it isn't bipartisanship.

Rep. Wills responds on the jump


Hope you are well.  Just one point of clarification: I didn’t promise to help Bryan King raise money in return for his vote.  His request for my help came a month after the January Speaker election, two months after my last opponent dropped out and more than nine months after he committed to vote for me.  Once again, your blog seems to suggest I somehow bought his vote with a promise of campaign help.  That’s false.  This may not seem to be an important distinction to some, but it is to me.  I chose to help Bryan after my election because he’d previously crossed party lines to support me at a time when many Democrats wouldn’t, even though I had more than a majority of the Democrats supporting me.  I didn’t “do just about anything it took” to line up votes for Speaker; I won by being myself.  I ran a clean race, made absolutely no promises for votes, appealed to each member as a person rather than a party member, and was successful on the merits.  As always, I’m always available if you ever have a question or concern about how I won the position of Speaker or what I’m planning to do in the next session.  All I ask is that you be fair.  Thank you.

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