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Bayou state news -- UPDATE



Can't help but watch my home state:

At 9:10 p.m., wackjob rightwinger Republican Woody Jenkins had a healthy lead over a Democrat in the race for 6th district Congress around Baton Rouge with about half the precincts in. The pre-election word was that the Dem. was favored. Maybe it's a heavily split district and the late vote will decide. Sad news.

UPDATE: With 80 percent of the vote in, Dem Don Cazayoux has now taken the lead.

FINAL UPDATE: Cazyoux wins by 3,000 votes. A Democratic pickup in an ultrared district. Thanks you, Bushie.

The Jazz and Heritage Festival continues in New Orleans and Sunday is the climax. It includes some Little Rock flavor. From the Times-Picayune:


Food Demo

New Orleans native Lee Richardson, a former chef de cuisine at Restaurant August, will be making rice-fried catfish with pickled green tomatoes and corn pudding. Richardson has been getting excellent reviews as the executive chef of The Capital Hotel and the reinvented Ashley's restaurant in Little Rock, Ark. (Noon, Zatarain's Food Heritage Stage)

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