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Former First Lady Janet Huckabee e-mailed me a comment on reports here about Micah Qualls, the waitress fired for waving a Clinton campaign sign during John McCain's arrival in Little Rock last week. The waitress believes the Huckabee camp had something to do with it.

For the record and the truth, which I am not sure you care about, I didn't talk on the phone at all Friday while with McCain or any other time, never saw the girl, never heard her chant, and could care less if she did.  Max it amazes me how quickly you believe others and not us, plus whatever happened to checking out a story before you go to print? You always assume guilty before you prove otherwise.  How sad to be married to an attorney and not believe someone is innocent until proven guilty.  Mike and I would never call and have someone fired for something so petty as that.  We have dealt with others for many years holding up signs for candidates without giving it a thought.  Honestly, I don't know how you do it, working the way you do. Your sources are wrong and you swallowed it hook, line and sinker without as much as a phone call to verify. Amazing!

Note that my column includes a response from the governor and my opinion that he was telling the truth when he said he personally didn't complain to anyone about the demonstrator. I told Mrs. Huckabee I'd be happy to seek comments in the future if I can continue to expect to receive any. Until Friday night, it had long been general Huckabee policy not to talk to the Times. Here's to glasnost.

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