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--Brian Chilson photo

UPDATE: Here's a little snippet of video footage of McCain and co. glad-handing.

John McCain and Mike Huckabee got together for a short bus ride today after McCain's arrival in Little Rock and, according to Reuters, all was sweetness and light. Kind words, no talk of veepstakes, no talk of Huckabee's blind presidential ambition. CNN same boilerplate. Likewise Wall Street Journal, where you can get a glimpse of McCain and Huckabee with their wives.

We have some Whole Hog shots coming from Brian Chilson. He said local reporters were instructed before entering not to ask questions of McCain and Huckabee. Hmmm.

The intrepid David Koon did get an opportunity to ask McCain as he left Whole Hog what he thought about reports of Huckabee raising money for a 2012 presidential race. Response: "How's it going?" And on to the Straight Talk Express. No word yet if the national reporters given time in his presence moved beyond the normal softball lobbing they give McCain.

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