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A call from a Republican campaigner nudges me to link David Sanders' column this morning for Stephens Media. "Flabbergasting," is one of the words used by my source. Not the column, but an event mentioned.

Mike Huckabee, you may know, is co-hosting a fund-raiser for Sen. John McCain Friday at Little Rock's Capital Hotel. A few die-hard Huckabites think he's still got a shot at the No. 2 slot on the McCain ticket.

So, what in the Sam Hill is Huckabee doing holding a meeting about his political future this very week, a meeting that seems predicated on a belief that McCain won't do well this election season and that the way will be clear for The Huckster to run in 2012? As Sanders put it, recounting a conversation with one of Huckabee's "loyal allies:"

Did he think that Huckabee would land the coveted second spot on the ticket? Not likely. So then what of Huckabee's future chances if McCain were to win this fall with someone else filling the No. 2 spot - a very real possibility? In response, he discounted the chance for a McCain victory, which for this guy wasn't bad news. As he saw it, McCain's demise would create a vacuum that Huckabee would then fill.

A couple of other Huckabee supporters, with whom I inquired about Huckabee's political future, also downplayed the possibility of McCain winning in November. In addition, they volunteered information about a meeting that occurred Monday at the Capital Hotel, at which the former governor met with folks emerging as his steering committee - a virtual deus ex machina - comprised of some of his largest donors and political confidants. Apparently many such meetings are in the offing at which Huckabee's future plans would be vetted, set and implemented.

It makes one wonder who this crew will be rooting for in November?

McCain people in Arkansas have checked this out and confirmed the Huckabee pep rally occurred and that it was attended by a sizeable contingent of Huckaphants. Are they P.O.'ed? You could say that.

They say McCain has a temper, don't they? Maybe he'll put Huck at the kiddie table Friday. Or back in the kitchen.

French, who all was in attendance?

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