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Hot after the Hillcrest burglars -- UPDATE II



The Hillcrest burglars who pawned a stolen digital camera with photos of the crooks celebrating their haul has led to a bust. Read all about it in a note from Police Chief Stuart Thomas.

UPDATE: Several readers inquired after the well-being of the accused burglar reported hospitalized two days after his arrest at a motel. Shame on you for jumping to conclusions. A police spokesman said the suspect was not injured by police. He complained of chest pains and was hospitalized at UAMS for treatment. He is under guard in conditions appreciably better than the Pulaski County lockup. And better for law-abiding citizens than being on the streets.

UPDATE II: Readers were correct to inquire. Police Lt. Terry Hastings apparently misinformed me about the hospitalized burglar. According to a full police report quoted in the Democrat-Gazette this morning, the accused suffered injuries to his arms when tackled by police after he refused to submit to arrest. He has been released from the hospital, the D-G said.


This information has developed over the past couple of days:
The camera was taken from a residential burglary at 123 Thayer.  Detective Ford was able to recover the camera along with several other items that were pawned at Pawnderosa Pawn.  The subject that pawned the items is Hurshel Sanders, W/M, 12/05/1969.  Detective Ford obtained TBR warrants for Mr. Sanders.  Mr. Sanders is one of the subjects on the victim’s camera.
Detective Hastings identified another B/M on the victim’s camera as Vince Davis, 2/13/1965.  Mr. Davis was taken into custody last night at the Economy Inn and is still at UAMS.  He is under hospital guard by LRPD Officers.  Once he is released Detectives Hastings and Ford will interview him and place the appropriate charges on him.   
Mr. Sanders was also arrested on 4/14/2008, at the Economy Inn.  Detectives Hasting and Ford did interview him and find that a lot of the property taken in the burglaries was pawned at Pawnderosa Pawn.  Detectives Hastings and Ford have recovered approximately $30,000.00 worth of jewelry. 
There were also four other individuals that were on the victims camera.  James Richards, W/M, 11/20/1964, and Sharon Richards, W/F, 9/20/1964, were arrested and picked up by Harrison Police Department.  The other two B/M's have not yet been identified.
The following are residential burglaries that we can confirm that Mr. Davis will be charged with:
·          208 Vernon- Jewelry recovered
·          1118 North Jackson- Digital camera
·          3425 Cedar Hill- Positive ID
·          301 North Palm- Positive ID
·          301 North Ash- Positive ID
·          2917 Ozark- Jewelry and positive ID
·          105 North Woodrow- Jewelry
·          128 South Oak- Jewelry
·          3705 Plateau- Jewelry and DVD's
The following are still under investigation.  We are attempting to match prints as well as match stolen property that is listed on incident reports.  I feel certain that the below listed burglaries should be cleared.  All match the same MO and have similar items taken.  All burglaries occurred in primarily 50 and 51's district.
·          811 North Van Buren
·          1706 North Pierce
·          8 Fairfax
·          3911 Oakwood
·          518 Fairfax
·          501 Ridgeway
·          3505 Hill
·          2008 West Markham
·          811 North Polk
·          219 North Walnut
·          219 North Cedar
·          109 South Cedar
We will continue working these.

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