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Brummett explains how a billion-dollar state surplus turns into a forced state spending cut. Yes, it's a relatively small cut, but tell that to the colleges, such as UAF, which expects fewer state dollars next year than this. (Plenty more student tuition dollars, however, and you can be sure there'll be no trims in the ranks of quarter-of-a-million-dollar administrators.)

Speaking of college and the latest round of tuition increases, the NY Times notes that it's getting harder to find college financing options.

As luck would have it, somebody forwarded UAMS Chancelor Dodd Wilson's message to staff about the budget cuts. Excerpt:

This is a challenge.  It is not easy to cut this much money out of  our budget.  I have asked our leadership team to work together and  make strategic decisions to come up with a revised budget that  reflects this reduction.   I am also allowing each unit to present   its own plan for absorbing a portion of the reduction.  We are far   too complex an organization to be satisfied with an across-the-board  decision.   I want to assure you that while we must work very hard  to find the funds, we are committed to protecting the salaries of   our employees.

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