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I'm back in Little Rock, barely. American Airlines was beset by troubles Wednesday, as you know, and they spread deep into the American Eagle commuter routes. My Eagle fligth from Chicago to Little Rock finally arrived just before 3 a.m. this morning, some 36 hours after my journey began with a Hong Kong hotel wakeup call. Small miracle: there were actually taxis on hand at the Little Rock Airport to take me home at 3 a.m.. I stayed up to do my KUAR pledge duty this morning. Twenty-five to 30 bloggers contributed to a morning haul that was nearing $14,000 at last report. Thanks to everyone for the great response.

Now I'm crashing. I hope to get back into the normal swing of things on the blog Saturday.

Thanks to Leslie, Ernie, Munford, John, Lindsey, David, Jennifer and others for all the new perspectives. The Arkansas Blog was great reading for me when I was able to get on te net. I hope all will continue to contribute. And thanks to readers for all your continuing contributions, too.

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