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That's what we'd like to know



The British paper The Independent talks with Oliver Stone about his new movie, "W," set to start filming soon in Louisiana. Stone says the movie, which he says, amazing, will be out before Bush leaves office, will ask, "How did Bush go from being an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?"
By the way: This is another film coup for Shreveport's movie recruiting office.


The cast:


George W Bush: Josh Brolin

Laura Bush: Elizabeth Banks

George H Bush: James Cromwell

Condoleezza Rice: Thandie Newton

Tony Blair: Ioan Gruffudd

Barbara Bush: Ellen Burstyn



And here's a preview of the script, complete with spoilers. Verdict: looks pretty iffy. Though it can't be worse than the Tom Cruise Hitler movie (now pushed back to 2009!).

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