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Decision on immigration initiative today



Dustin McDaniel's office is expected to issue an opinion today on a ballot initiative, proposed by a group called Secure Arkansas, that would eliminate welfare payments and tuition assistance to unauthorized immigrants.  The act would also bar enrollment at a public school to anyone 14 or older unless he proves his legal residence. (Here's the initiative.)

Whether or not McDaniel ultimately gives it the act the OK, there will have to be at least some minor changes: its title says it will limit benefits to 'pesons unlawfyully present in the United States.'

Another fun fact: If approved, the act would go into effect on July 4, 2009. Apparently there's not enough of an emergency to move the thing up to the first of the year. Isn't there some earlier date for enactment that we can suck the political symbolism out of? Flag Day is June 14, people.

CLARIFICATION: The ballot initiative calls for limiting "public assistance." However, public assistance, in the form of welfare or tuition aid, is already denied to illegals. 

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