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Susan and Tony, sordid and phony



The Times ran a story last year about Tony Alamo's latest cult hideout, in Texarkana, prompted by an examination of Alamo by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Now, the center has followed up that story with a piece by Susan Alamo's daughter, Christhiaon Coie, in which she talks about how Susan hooked up Tony -- a sordid tale of two con artists:

I knew who Tony Alamo was. I had seen him around the boulevard. He was supposed to be this great big promoter who had promoted the Beatles, but I knew he was a bald-faced liar. I knew that he was living with a girl who was pregnant with his child. He wasn't living with her. He was living off of her.

So I see this creep coming in with a producer I've worked with, and he's coming right toward the table and my mother's sitting there. I'm thinking to myself, "Oh crap, not this clown!"

She usually picked out men who had a little style and a lot of money. He sits down at the table and he's bullshitting until his face is about to fall off. "I promoted the Beatles" and "I promoted this guy and that guy and Sonny and Cher." Is he kidding with this? And my mother's doing the "Well I'm an actress, been around the studio for years and my daughter's a singer" thing. He's like, "I just heard her tape, she's fantastic, I can make her a big star."

And I'm watching them and it's like a tennis match of horse crap. They both think the other's got money. He gets up to go to the bathroom and I turned to my mother and I said, "Listen to me, this guy is an absolute bum. He's living with that little pregnant girl…"

She puts her finger in my face, which she did often, and said: "You mind your F-ing business. When he gets back, you wait a few minutes and politely excuse yourself from the table. And don't come home tonight."

He comes back, sits down, she looks at him and she says, "Tony, I've got to ask you a question. Did you know that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth again?" And he looks deep in her eyes and says, "Why, yes, Susan, I do know. But how did you know?" And she says, "Well, let's go up to my apartment and talk about it."

And that's how the [Tony and Susan Alamo] foundation started.

It gets worse. She alleges that Tony raped her and her mother wouldn't believe it. In that same vein, here's a story from MSNBC about a raid on a "temple" in Texas.


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