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Bobbitt says bye-bye



Some big news out of Fayetteville. Fulbright College Dean Donald Bobbitt is leaving the UA to go to the University of Texas at Arlington. Bobbitt's announcement follows a story in yesterday's Arkansas Traveler, the school newspaper, in which he and Adam Motherwell, assistant dean for finance and administration, laid out the college's funding woes. The college had the lowest funding increase of seven colleges over the past decade, its analysis finds. Bobbit and Motherwell have asked for more than a $5 million increase in the college's budget. From the Traveler:

"The request included provisions to increase salaries for 31 assistant professors, 30 associate professors and 106 professors to their peers' averages, an increase of nearly $2 million.

"Also, the college intends to increase stipends for 319 graduate students and allocate amounts necessary to bring some full-time and part-time instructors to competitive salaries.

"Fulbright College, as a result of the comparatively low salaries for its faculty, has lost some notable faculty members, Bobbitt said.

" 'We've lost some excellent young colleagues and some excellent not-so-young colleagues, and we're probably going to lose some more,' he said."

Where are the Waltons? If they can give $300 million for business, why not $300 million for the liberal arts? The Fulbright College, by the way, raises more revenues for the University through tuition -- more than 100 percent of its budget -- than the Walton School of Business, which raises 70 percent, according to the Traveler.

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