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Bro. Huckabee fix

Rev. Kenneth Copeland, the Texas prosperity apostle who had Mike Huckabee on his TV show six times and arranged a critical infusion of cash into the Huckabee campaign in January, is defying Sen. Chuck Grassley’s request for financial records of Copeland’s opulent ministry, including credit card records, information on offshore bank accounts and information on whether his non-profit ministry used mineral rights to capitalize a for-profit company. Monday was the deadline for Copeland and other evangelists to comply with the request by the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee and he refused. You will recall that Huckabee supported Copeland’s defiance.

The Copelands, incidentally, have a home and airstrip in Howard County, his wife’s native community.

This website also has an interesting graphic on the interlocking relationships of prosperity evangelists around the country, including Bro. Huckabee.

And “several dozen leaders of the ‘Christian Right’” met in March at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans for recriminations on the follies of the Republican presidential primaries and to discuss strategy for the future. A leader of the home school movement who was an early Huckabee supporter chastised the Christian leaders for “cold-shouldering” Rev. Huckabee until it was too late. From James Dobson to Pat Robertson they are left now with no one to support.

Huckabee, meantime, stays on the circuit. He will be in New Rochelle, N.Y., on April 23 to sell and sign copies of his book, “From Hope to Higher Ground: 12 Stops to Restoring America’s Greatness” at a gym at Iona College. It’s part of the school’s Presidential Leadership Series and, no kidding, previous speakers have included all these other successful presidential candidates: Bill Bradley, Mario Cuomo, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Forbes.

New Rochelle. . . I remember it none too fondly. I spent some time there on a frigid offshore Army post in 1962-63 defending the eastern establishment from the Russians. It could have used some Huckabee evangelizing.

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