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Who knew? Until this year, Rogers High School students could attend the school prom only with other Rogers High students. The rule has been relaxed, but this Morning News article provides a fascinating look at the seemingly inordinate amount of time high school principals devote to prom rules -- attendance and dress.

Rogers student Chelsey Fowler is dating Phillip Harrison, a Bentonville student. The two knew each other last year but Harrison couldn't attend Fowler's prom.

"I brought someone else because obviously, I had to," Fowler said.

This year, Fowler is buying two prom dresses: One to wear to the Rogers prom and one to wear at Bentonville's prom, to meet that district's stricter dress code.

But before Harrison enters the Rogers High School door, he'll have to get a letter from his Bentonville principal, confirming Harrison is an enrolled student in good standing who does not face suspension or expulsion.

"I do think the letter is a little bit extreme. My date is kind of upset and it's not like he is a bad guy," Fowler said of Harrison.

The letters must be submitted two weeks prior to the April 19 prom and be on the other school district's letterhead, Stringer said.

Rogers prom dates can be older than 18 if they are still enrolled in high school, under the new policy. However, that still upsets some students, as they can't bring alumni as dates.

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