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Compassion sought



Dwayne Dobbins, the sleazy former state legislator from North Little Rock who plea bargained a felony sexual molestation charge in return for resignation from the legislature in 2005, says it's time for a little compassion. And, no, he has no intention of withdrawing from his uncontested race to return to that legislative seat, no matter how badly Democratic Party officials want him to quit.

Three things:

1) As several readers have suggested, Party leader Bill Gwatney should get with the Green Party about supporting a strong Green Candidate, which still may nominate in that district. He should commit money and manpower.

2) Should that plan fail, lock up the pages until the House can vote to expel this criminal.

3) Is Dobbins still a "telecommunications consultant." He appeared to be an in-house lobbyist for the industry his last go-round in office. Watch his financial reports carefully and his legislative activities. Any telcom that employs him to work the legislature should be exposed and shunned.

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