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The press' Stockholm Syndrome



Tucker Carlson, irked by the Scottish reporter who wouldn't let an Obama supporter retroactively declare her "monster" remark off the record, has displayed vividly on TV a frequent failing of American reporters. People who cover politicians are no less susceptible to this than people who cover football coaches. So concerned that tough coverage might get them on the outs with their sources, the reporters play softball.

And boy does Glenn Greenwald of Salon let Carlson (and Russert, etc., who play by the same rules) have it. Carlson also was scored for claiming higher reporting standards in the U.S. versus the United Kingdom. Reporting in the early days of the Iraq war, when the American media went in the tank before Bush's bullying PR onslaught, amply refutes that notion, as do the notoriously tough interviews that British journalists give political leaders.

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