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The Ark. Democratic Party chose convention delegates today. Here they are. (As PVNasby told us earlier, Pat O'Brien nailed down that Obama slot.)


Well over 500 enthusiastic Democrats from around the state converged on Little Rock to elect Arkansas’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention.  The record-size crowd met at the Robinson Center at 10 a.m. for the Congressional District Caucus/Special State Convention.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas is proud to announce the leaders of our party who will represent our state in Denver as we work to take back the White House this November.

Arkansas’s delegation consists of 47 delegates and six alternates: 12 Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO), five Pledged PLEOs, 22 Congressional-Level Delegates, eight At-Large Delegates, four District-Level Alternates, and two At-Large Alternates.

The delegation is as follows:

Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials:
Mike Beebe, Governor
Blanche Lincoln, U.S. Senator
Mark Pryor, U.S. Senator
Marion Berry, U.S. Representative
Vic Snyder, U.S Representative
Mike Ross, U.S. Representative
Bill Gwatney, Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman
Karla Bradley, Democratic Party of Arkansas First Vice Chair
Don Beavers, Democratic National Committeeman
Martha Dixon, Democratic National Committeewoman
Lottie Shackelford, Democratic National Committee Vice Chair
Mark Wilcox, Commissioner of State Lands

Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials for Senator Clinton
Bill Halter, Lieutenant Governor
Dustin McDaniel, Attorney General
Charlie Daniels, Secretary of State
Martha Shoffner, Treasurer

Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials for Senator Obama
Pat O’Brien, Pulaski County Clerk

Pledged District-Level Delegates for Senator Clinton
Betty Allred, of Stone County
Jason Willett, of Craighead County
Ernestine Weaver, of St. Francis County
Gary Phillips, of Mississippi County
Jamie Darling, of Jackson County
Shirley Montgomery, of Faulkner County
Chris Masingill, of Pulaski County
Rep. Kathy Webb, of Pulaski County
Bob Edwards, of Pulaski County
Rep. Lindsley Smith, of Washington County
Thurman Metcalf, of Benton County
Berta Seitz, of Washington County
Susanna O’Daniel, of Washington County
Cindy Hale, of Sevier County
Brandon Robinson, of Jefferson County
Mayor Carl Redus, of Jefferson County
Robin Carroll, of Union County

Pledged District-Level Delegates for Senator Obama
Kedrin Edgerson, of Craighead County
Annie Abrams, of Pulaski County
Omaya Jones, of Pulaski County
David Whitaker, of Washington County
Valecia Pumphrey, of Miller County

Pledged District-Level Alternates for Senator Clinton
Taylor Riddle, of Craighead County
Marie Peters, of Pulaski County
Don Bishop, of Boone County
Norma Kinard, of Columbia County

Pledged At-Large Delegates for Senator Clinton
Dr. Lynette Bryant, of Pulaski County
Adrienne Bradley, of Pulaski County
Wanda Bynum Ashley, of Pulaski County
Diana Gonzales Worthen, of Washington County
Barbara Moody, of Fulton County
Jane Gray Todd, of Pulaski County

Pledged At-Large Delegates for Senator Obama
Rep. Stephanie Flowers, of Jefferson County
Charles King, of Pulaski County

Pledged At-Large Alternate for Senator Clinton
Jorgé Garcia, of Garland County

Pledged At-Large Alternate for Senator Obama
Rep. Linda Pondexter Chesterfield, of Pulaski County

Non-voting members of the delegation assigned to standing committees
Terri Hollingsworth, of Pulaski County, Rules Committee
Benton Smith, of Craighead County, Platform Committee
Susan Carroll, of Pulaski County, Credentials Committee

Pages to the Democratic National Convention
Craig Stone, of Lawrence County
Maggie Hobbs, of Faulkner County

The delegate distribution is a result of the presidential preferential primary held on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008.  Delegates and alternates were awarded to candidates based on proportional representation after the candidate reached a 15% threshold. The district level delegates and alternates were awarded based on the election results of their respective Congressional Districts.  The at-large and PLEO delegates and alternates were awarded based on the statewide election results. 

The Democratic National Convention will be held August 25-28, 2008, in Denver, Colo. 


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