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Mike Huckabee's future



Grover Norquist wants him to run for U.S. Senate right now. GOP Chair Dennis "What we need is another 9/11" Milligan thinks more highly of a race against Sen. Blanche Lincoln in two years. Huckabee himself is not saying just yet. I expect he'd accept a paid campaign position with McCain, don't you? Or the No. 2 slot.

The  Senate? Hah. Washington Post reports today:

Advisers to Mike Huckabee spent yesterday starting to build a conservative coalition that could propel a future run for the White House, hoping to capitalize on the popularity he gained during his unlikely presidential bid.

Using as a model Ronald Reagan's time between his failed run in 1976 and his success in 1980, the former Arkansas governor plans to help Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and Republican congressional candidates win over conservative Christians in the fall, while looking for a national radio show or other forum that he can use to expand his influence within the party.

These columnists give a good riddance to The Huckster and his "God strategy." And thanks to Hugh for a link to Jon Stewart's take on Tuesday, including the widely criticized Huckaconcession. You gotta see it.


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