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Clinton's big night



Just as the TV networks delayed until late giving Hillary Clinton her obvious double-digit win in Ohio, news media were reluctant to call the popular vote in Texas for the senator, though with far better reason. Results there were very close.

I don't know the Democrat-Gazette's deadline (I thought at least midnight), but newspaper readers aren't given the magnitude of the night's events in the coverage. The lead headline granted her only the Ohio victory. Networks called Texas fror Clinton about 11:30 p.m. The NY Times web is bannering the three-state win Tuesday.

I found this interesting about Texas. Late deciders broke Clinton's way by a comfortable margin. That suggests her advertising strategy worked. Obama carried Texas heavy early voting by almost 36,000 votes. Clinton won overall by 98,000. That means she had a margin of better than 134,000 votes among those cast election day.

Has the Obama tide ebbed? And if it has, does it not argue for sober consideration of both candidates by super delegates after all primary voting has been completed? Your answer, I suspect, depends on which candidate you support.

Want a roundup of the running total on delegates, popular vote and poll trends, plus a good selection of news commentary and results? Go to

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