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JP suspicious about global warming



Thanks to eLWood for an early look at a Democrat-Gazette article on Pulaski County JP Doug Reed, who's apparently not happy that JPs led by Pat Dicker are backing a resolution for a moratorium on coal-fired generating plants.

Reed -- a physics teacher at Pulaski Academy -- is skeptical about global warming. So he's signed up for a conservative think tank's subsidized conference on the subject (intended to sway public officials) to arm himself for the debate.

Missing from the news story: The tobacco industry, Exxon and a variety of arch-conservative right-wing foundations have backed the conference sponsor, the Heartland Institute, over the years.

Reed is the justice of the peace who has still failed to return my call about his blatant conflict of interest -- he sponsored measures qualifying his employer, Pulaski Academy, for lower-cost tax-free bond financing for a construction project. Remember this when his judgment comes in play on future votes -- global warming or otherwise.

Copy and paste for D-G story.

UPDATE: I have received an e-mail sent to legislators encouraging their attendance at this conference and outlining the reimbursement scheme. It was distributed, along with an application form, by Debbie Pelley, perhaps the most dogged grassroots extreme rightist in Arkansas. She, naturally, thinks there is little evidence that humans cause climate change and that legislators would do well to be equipped with this propaganda "in light of the Governor's Climate Change Commission."  Lest you thought the Heartland Institute was non-ideological.

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