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Election night open line



Put your primary night nattering -- or anything else -- rat cheer.

EARLY DEVELOPMENT: Turn out the lights, Mike Huckabee's party is over. He was swept in all four states. He knew it was coming. That's why he and the Family Huck lived it up with last-night quarters in the ritzy Four Seasons in Dallas.

The Huckster went on TV about 8:19 p.m. to say he'd called McCain to congratulate him. He called him an honorable man. Huckabee said he'd done his own campaign with honor. He quoted St. Paul -- fought the good fight, etc.  "I'd rather lose the election than lose the principles that got me into politics in the first place." He talked 14 minutes. (Go to the jump to see Josh Marshall's pithy comment on this painful concession speech.) Remember the Alamo, victory or death. A little odd that last, Keith noted, as did Josh.

Did anybody else notice how little his campaign was tied to Arkansas? Conceding in TEXAS?

ON TO THE DEMOCRATS: Obama won Vermont. Clinton hopes seemed high elsewhere. She won Rhode Island, big. She won Ohio, big. It's tight in Texas, a virtual dead head. The variance in voting pattern across that vast state makes it impossible to determine if any trend is established.

Good results for Clinton notwithstanding, the networks commentators still seem to think she should quit. They seem to think super delegates should be bound by whoever is leading in delegates, no matter how narrow the margin. Those aren't the rules, however. The party created super delegates for a reason. If they believe the proper course is to nominate Obama, they'll do so. If not, they won't.


Can someone get Huckabee off the stage and end the most painfully embarrassing concession I think I've ever heard? I mean, put him out of my misery. Huckabee seems to have forgotten that this isn't the end of a grand, hard-fought race. It was a farce that everyone indulged because Huckabee's sort of a feel-good wingnut and had a good sense of humor. When he started on to 'Victory or Death' riff at the end I thought he might be about to end with a stunning crescendo of a ritual suicide. But apparently it was Victory or Death (or windy concession speech), the lesser known original version of the line.

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