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Too little, too late UPDATED



NOW they tell us that Obama will slice and dice the truth just like any other politician. This story -- on an Obama aide assuring Canadian officials the candidate's tough talk on NAFTA was just campaign rhetoric -- was widely dismissed by U.S. media when it broke. If Obama said it wasn't so, well, by golly, it must not be so. Er, it was so. The Republican attack on Obama has begun as well. We shall see if it will be enough for the Obama forces to unilaterally declare hardball partisan politics of the past off-limits for this new paradigm candidate.

But about the coming storm ...

Paul Krugman is also worth a read on the topic of what's in store for Obama and on media coverage to date.

Brummett writes on Clinton's frustration at her situation.

UPDATE: Finally, though I've made my pessimism clear for weeks, this roundup of polling in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island might give you some idea why Clinton has not yet given up the fight and why Obama people are pressing the message that she just ought to quit.

Finally, just for fun, blogger makes the case that Obama should drop out after Tuesday if he doesn't win Texas and Ohio.

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