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School supt. booted



Thanks to the Under the Dome, I learn the Texarkanas School Board booted its superintendent, Paul Dee Human, for mismanagement. He will not be missed. He was a tireless promoter of  Bible study in the school curriculum. He lost a lawsuit after trying to teach Bible in Gentry and had added a Bible class in Texarkana. He'd also worked to partner with a Baptist church in a local charter school. From Appellate Judge Buzz Arnold's ruling against the Gentry Bible class:

“Even on the relatively undeveloped state of the record before the court, it is quite clear that the course in question is predominantly religious and devotional in nature. Many of the songs taught in the course are religious, although some contain moral messages as well. For instance, the song ‘Countdown’ discusses Jesus’s Second Coming to Earth, the song ‘My B-I-B-L-E’ is self-explanatory, and ‘This Old Saint’ unapologetically states Christian dogma. The song ‘L.O.V.E.’ speaks of Jesus’s love for mankind, exemplified by his crucifixion. Even if nothing else was taught, these songs alone would render defendants’ program constitutionally infirm. But there is more. In classroom discussion … one of the teachers emphasized that ‘Jesus is our gateway to Heaven. He laid down his life for us so that we could get to Heaven. He is our shepherd and he wants us all to be one big flock of sheep.’ These teachings would seem to have no secular effect whatsoever.”

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