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Pork express sidetracked


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The Arkansas State Athletic Commission met this morning to decide whether to roll over to Sen. Gene Jeffress demand that $100,000 in general improvement money appropriated for the commission go only to two boys' and girls' clubs in his district or go to 33 clubs statewide.

John Mattingly, secretary of the commission, said beforehand that he expected the money to be distributed statewide. Anything else would make the commission willing accessory to an unconstitutional sham. The state Supreme Court put an end to directly appropriated money for local projects. Jeffress figured the legislation could wink at general availability in drafting the bill, but he could put the hammer on the commission to give all the money to him once it was approved.

I'm still waiting a call to see if things turned out as anticipated.

UPDATE: The commission followed through as Mattingly predicted. Jeffress didn't show. But be on the lookout for payback.

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