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I believe this signifies Mike Huckabee's rewrite and expansion of his "Character Makes a Difference" book is ready for your purchase. You'll find photos, podcasts, etc. at the link, plus a link to the first chapter of the book, an expansion of his heroic navigation through the "crisis" of inconvenience for Huckabee when Jim Guy Tucker considered briefly withdrawing his promise to resign after his Whitewater convention. There's the usual legal exaggeration. Huckabee was powerless to call for Tucker's impeachment in any official way. So was the legislature, until it was in session. Tucker was under no legal obligation to fulfill his "oath" to resign. The question of constitutional disability to serve was an uncharted legal battle, not something Mike Huckabee had the power to declare by observation. But he's the cracking-good man of the hour, as you expect him to be in his own book.

Writes Huck of the news of Tucker's hesitation: "Many of the old-time Democrats all but fell on the floor and ripped their garments in twain."

It was, in any case, a crisis of a few hours duration. Tucker quit in time for the evening news.

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