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Huckabee's gay outreach



The Huckster is about as friendly as he can get on the issue in a Tyra Banks interview. Want their vote? Sure. But support civil union, marriage, anti-discrimination laws? What do you think?  Excerpt.

TYRA BANKS: I know that you are a preacher; do you believe that homosexuality is immoral?
GOVERNOR HUCKABEE:  Well, I think a lot of things in our lives are missing the mark.  The word sin means missing the mark.  It doesn't mean that a person has committed murder.  I miss the mark if I don't tell the whole truth. I miss the mark in a lot of ways. I think that we were created to have relationships with someone of the opposite gender, that how's we reproduce, that's how we live our lives.  So I think sometimes if you say is it a sin or immoral and people think you're making these terrible statements about somebody.  I've had people who are gay that worked on my staff.  It's not like I'm some homophobe.  If you ask me is it the normal pathway? I don't think so.  But, you know, I respect that people have different views about that.

MEANWHILE: Huck gets more encouragement to run for U.S. Senate. And, here, he sounds wistful for a McCain macaca moment.

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