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The missing Huckabee tapes


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Great story in Slate. It's about a reporter's dogged effort -- unsuccessful -- to see the dozens of tapes Friar Huck made as pastor of churches in Pine Bluff and Texarkana. As I've written before, they have been disappeared as effectively as an Argentinean dissident.

Never mind that Huckabee sells himself as the honest, affable, straight talker with nothing to hide. Never mind that his shows and sermons had such innocent titles as "Positive Alternatives" and "A Better Walk." Never mind that during his 15-year public career, Huckabee has already handed his enemies more outrageous statements than could fit in your average fundraising letter. Still, the prospect of America seeing young Pastor Huckabee unplugged makes the campaign very nervous. Which only leaves a reporter ever more hungry to know why. What incredible things did Huckabee preach back in the day?

Interesting stuff here. Huckabee clearly sent the word not to share his work with reporters. What, exactly, is he trying to hide? The writer offers some theories -- comments on gender, race, evolution, unvarnished evangelizing -- on why he's reluctant to expose the Full Huck to the world.

Anybody got any tapes?

REMEMBER THE ALAMO: Wash. Post columnist Dana Milbank goes long on The Huckster's last-stand news conference in San Antonio.

NO PEEP FOR VEEP: Huckabee missing in this speculative column on vice presidential candidates.


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