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FLASH: Glasgow case



You can now revise one puzzling piece of the mystery of the disappearance of John Glasgow, the chief financial officer of CDI Contractors, who disappeared after leaving home early Monday, Jan. 28.

Reports have said his car was found the next afternoon outside the lodge at Petit Jean State Park and a lodge employee was quoted as saying she was sure she hadn't seen the car when taking a smoke break that morning but noticed it that afternoon.

Chip Welch, who's been speaking for the family, says photographs taken Monday afternoon by a park user (one is shown here) now show that, in fact, the car was in the place it was found (second from left) at least by 4:30 p.m Monday afternoon, Jan. 28. So it now seems unlikely that Glasgow, or someone else, was about in the car for 36 hours before it was found.

Also, Welch said he'd never used the term "wiped down" in reference to any absence of liftable fingerprints in the car. There were some smudges he said. But some surfaces might not have readily revealed fingerprints. He noted that many people checked the car after it was found and no fingerprints were readily apparent from that activity. The absence of prints might just be an innocent anomaly.

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