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Who'll speak for the chickens?



PETA will, that's who. The animal protection organization is objecting to a proposal in Springdale to name a new bypass the Don Tyson Parkway, after the former CEO of the poultry processor.

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This morning, PETA sent an urgent letter to Springdale Mayor Jerre M. Van Hoose and nine council members urging them to oppose a proposal to name a new $30 million highway -- which will run from I-540 to Butterfield Coach Road -- the "Don Tyson Parkway." PETA points out that in steering Tyson Foods' growth into a
multibillion-dollar company, Don Tyson oversaw the abuse of billions of chickens, including that birds had their bones broken from being slammed into shackles, were mutilated by faulty throat-cuttingmachines, and were scalded to death in defeathering
During two undercover investigations of Tyson plants -- one in 2004-2005 and another in 2007 -- PETA investigators in three different Tyson plants witnessed the daily abuses of live chickens, including the following:

*Birds whose skin was torn off their bodies on malfunctioning throat-cutting machines

*Workers who threw dying chickens around for "entertainment" and were ordered to tear the heads off birds who missed the throat-cutting machine

* Chickens who were forcefully thrown against metal shackles

*Workers who urinated on the slaughter conveyor belt
"If you are hell-bent on naming something after Don Tyson, how about the Springdale City Jail?" writes PETA assistant manager of factory farming campaigns Lindsay Rajt. "Jail is, after all, where most people believe animal abusers like Don Tyson belong."

[Note to PETA: Not in the Arkansas legislature or the ranks of the Arkansas Farm Bureau, which runs the legislature.] 
For more information and to view video footage from the investigations, please visit PETA's Web site TorturedByTyson.com. 

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