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UA tuition to buy high school


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The Iconoclast has a smoking UA memo here:

It outlines an idea to charge an additional $9 per credit hour -- for the next 30 years -- to support bonds to buy the Fayetteville High School. This would help the university mission by currying favor with the FPTB. Encourage sprawl. Mess with traffic. Remove a vibrant part of the community from the center to edge of town. Blow $60 million, not counting interest many multiples of that, of students' money.

Yes, needy students from Eudora to Eureka, Prescott to Piggott would fork out more than $1,000 over a typical college career in support of the manifest destiny of Fayetteville developers.

At last, white fathers of the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, have you no shame?


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