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This week, David Koon's media column addressed a question many have raised about the scant Arkansas Democrat-Gazette coverage of the case of missing CDI construction executive John Glasgow. A spokesman for the paper indicated that it's related to a general caution about delving  into cases of missing adults, absent evidence of foul play. He indicated, too, that there'd been no outside pressure to downplay coverage.

I know the dilemma. But this case strikes me as out of the ordinary, even absent foul play evidence so far. Glasgow disappeared as the top financial officer of a multi-million-dollar company going through an ownership transition following the death of its founder. Glasgow had told family and friends of a recent strained business relationship with the CDI construction company's equal partner, Dillard Department Stores. Dillard officials had questioned some of Glasgow's accounting practices as the company's annual bonuses and its value were being reviewed. Glasgow took one particular phone call from a Dillard executive as "threatening," friends said -- not in a physical sense, but in terms of business consequences. This call was followed not long before Glasgow's disappearance by a tense meeting with two top Dillard executives.

Glasgow was at the point of deciding whether to borrow money to purchase a portion of the company himself and was advising others on similar decisions. His disappearance brought a change in the chief financial officer of the company. At last report, no final resolution has been reached on future ownership of CDI founder Bill Clark's half share of the company, though it's expected that his son will control most of the original Clark ownershp. All these are business issues of consequence going forward for a national department store chain and its long-time partner, a local construction firm that has grown a national reputation. Sounds like news to me.


There are few developments to report in the missing person case. A new dog team from Maine, said to be one of the best in the country, searched Petit Jean Mountain again last weekend without picking up a trail of Glasgow. No money has been reported missing. No sightings, or hints of sightings, have turned up in checks of many surveillance cameras in places Glasgow might have passed. CDI has a camera that covers a part of its parking lot. He does not appear on it the morning of Jan. 28, when he was last seen leaving home. The code he used to enter the building was not entered that morning.

A reader asked for the photo above of Glasgow's car. Best version I can get on short notice.

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