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McCain's lovely lobbyist



I didn't see the NY Times story mentioned in D-G this morning. For fair or foul, the days when daily newspaper editors could harrumph stories they don't like out of existence are long gone. This morning, he denied all, which should require coverage even though the first-day story was MIA.

More here. As I indicated last night, "maverick" McCain has plenty of questions to answer about his dealings with lobbyists. I think the Times made a major error in focusing on the personal over the broad professional issues. Yglesias says same.

And what's Mike Huckabee got to say about all this? Still can't find any word. But he is talking about being on Saturday Night Live.

This blogger thinks the story will help McCain, not Huckabee. It gives a reason -- the mean, liberal NY Times -- for conservatives to unite in common cause.

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