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Obama also lands Hawaiian punch



As expected, Obama won the Hawaii caucuses big, 76-24.

And, in presidential campaign news closer to home, a dose of the Morning Huck:

COPYRIGHT? WHAT COPYRIGHT? The Huckster laughs off complaints about his use of a Boston song at rallies. Musicians are funny about use of their intellectual property for other commercial purposes. Just like Huckabee might be funny about somebody taking his SUV out for a spin without permission. Other candidates have acceded to musicians' wishes about use of their material. Huck's massive sense of entitlement prevents that..

IT'S NOT ABOUT EGO: Oh, no, that couldn't possibly be the reason Huckabee is staying in the race. Nobody asked if it had anything to do with keeping financial support flowing to Clan Huckabee. Nobody asked if he hopes to reach the convention with McCain short of the necessary delegates and then to set off a floor fight that would coalesce the Religious Right base of the Republican Party. He wouldn't win the nomination through such a fight. But it's amusing to contemplate how something like that could lead to a third-party candidacy. However ... this Washington Post article notes that Huck's campaign manager Ed Rollins is talking floor fight, a la Ronald Reagan's against Gerald Ford in 1976. Reagan didn't win that one, but he did pretty well the next go-round, Rollins notes. A Morning Huck for the rest of my days.

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