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On the off chance that some readers don't peruse thoroughly the regular Arkansas Times weekly content arrayed around the periphery of the blog, please take note of Mara Leveritt's cover story this week on Ron Fields -- former Fort Smith prosecutor, former Arkansas attorney general and former top aide to Asa Hutchinson in some of the most sensitive security positions in, truly, the entire world thanks to his elevated jobs in the Homeland Security and Drug Enforcement Administration hierarchy. He's been investigated for rape of his former stepdaughter, murder and drug dealing. He has not been charged. But it's a story you'll want to read.

Question not mentioned or addressed in the article: Gunner DeLay, who's running for judge this year against the mother of the girl who says she was assaulted, punted handling of this case to Pulaski Prosecutor Larry Jegley. Jegley gave a long and detailed explanation of his decision not to file charges, a decision the family hotly criticizes. Why isn't this story, which has been been covered in the Fort Smith newspaper, getting any attention in the Democrat-Gazette? A former state attorney general accused of rape; relieved of a high federal job on account of being subject of a murder investigation?

UPDATE: Apparently alerted by our story, the Democrat-Gazette ran a brief article Thursday morning about Jegley's decision. You're very welcome, guys.


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