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Rush and me UPDATE



Since all publicity is good publicity, I should be happy. But it's been an embarrassing day here. I've had calls and e-mails from my Louisiana hometown, California, Arkansas Republicans and even a Guardsman on Iraq deployment via iPhone anxious to be the first to tell me that the Arkansas Blog was quoted at length on Rush Limbaugh today.

Rush took as gospel my pessimistic note last night about the state of Hillary Clinton's campaign. ("Even a Hillary supporter says, etc. ...") Since he values my opinion so much, I have a few other opinions he might wish to quote as well. Joking. (A Republican friend reminded me, however, that he actually might like some of my Huckabee stuff, too.)

There it is. Confession is good for the soul.

UPDATE: Here's the transcript. Kind of a joke, really. You'll see what I mean.

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