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Instant win for John McCain. His big speech makes it sounds like he's already running against Barack Obama.

No wonder. Minutes after poll closing, networks called it for Obama. It was clear from the outset that announcers couldn't wait to proclaim it for the Big O.

QUESTION: Will Huckabee quit? Or forge on to Baptist-heavy Texas in hopes of building some more cred for religious-think-tank, talk-show, Christian-broadcasting windfalls.

WHILE I'M ON THE SUBJECT: I've resisted posting anything about this. I don't want to be like the blogs that magnify every burp into a triple flutter-blast, particularly when they are Clinton burps. But Michelle Obama is an unguided missile. The fact that Talking Points Memo is front and center to alibi anything said by a Clinton opponent like Michelle won't make this kind of thing go away. The McCains are already going after her. Imagine if Hillary had uttered this line.

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