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It's over



I'd be happy to be wrong. For a variety of reasons, I'd prefer Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

But it's not going to happen. She'll be clobbered in Wisconsin tomorrow. She might run ahead in the popular vote in Texas, but the delegate count will be close, probably pro-Obama. The media talk, the popular mood, the times -- they all work for Obama.

Finally, there's been the Clinton campaign. Fighting, seriously, today about Obama's borrowing of rhetoric from a friend is a sign of desperation. Obama is derivative. So is everyone. And Bill Clinton --  who knew? -- has proved to be a negative.

The anti-Hillary media megaphone can't be underestimated.

Some of it is crazy. Some of it unfair. So is life.

Obama will win the nomination. Polls today say he'll beat McCain everywhere -- in every key state and nationally. Those same polls said the same thing about Hillary Clinton's sure dominance a few months ago.

For the record.

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