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Adios, Bro. Mike



Robert Novak says no way McCain picks Huckabee as his No. 2.

TOO CHURCHY: And here's a columnist who approves of a Huckabee snub on account of the way he used religion in his campaign.

VINTAGE WHINE: Huckabee gives the NY Times a more extended rant about his poor economic circumstances. He says the senators are subsidized by taxpayers. Hmmm. He does qualify for a state pension. And he'd be a rare retiree who didn't avail himself of the opportunity to continue the state's advantageous health insurance coverage. The article does note that he spoke "free" in a 2000 trip to the Caymans, explaining at least in part why he reported no income from that trip in 2000. Unanswered is whether he paid his own way down, or received free travel. Travel gifts must be reported, too.

LONE STAR LOVE: Huckabee is counting on Texas for another show of conservative Republican muscle. It won't win him anything. It won't help John McCain. Not a good formula, Brummett writes.

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