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Now this is what we call cutting edge Republican outreach to younger voters -- mercy for crackheads.

Asa Hutchinson, in the news here yesterday for his new 2010 Committee to enhance Republican campaign efforts in Arkansas, is speaking out forcefully against the current attorney general's opposition to a U.S. Sentencing Commission recommendation to equalize drug sentences for those convicted of crack cocaine and powder cocaine crimes. Crack offenders have tougher sentences as it stands

Not only is Asa down with the crackheads, he's BLOGGING about it. Is this a man ready for 21st century politics or what? (Kidding aside, he's right on the issue, too.) He also landed a Washington Times op-ed on the same subject along with J.C. Watts. (Moonie paper -- not cutting edge.)

Clip and save, McDanielites.

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