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A Democratic solution



I'm still not convinced the Democratic nomination won't be decided before the convention by Obamentum. But, with that possibility still in the air along with a potential harsh fight over Florida and Michigan delegations, E.J. Dionne proposes a solution:

Two things are true. Delegations from those important states, currently in defiance of party rules, will eventually have to be seated. But if Clinton were to take the nomination because of her “victories” in primaries that all the candidates agreed not to contest, she would be seen by her adversaries as cheating.

The only solution is for the two states to agree to hold new rounds of voting that look as much like primaries as possible before the process ends in early June. Doing so would increase the chances that voters, not insiders, would pick the nominee. Democrats would not have to put up with invidious comparisons between their battle and the ugliness of Bush v. Gore. And one of these candidates might then actually be able to win.


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