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The Pulaski vote



It took a good while, but the Pulaski County Election Commission finally posted precinct-by-precinct results.

Noted: Mike Huckabee received less than 50 percent of the vote in a number of Republican-heavy western Little Rock precincts (44 percent in Pleasant Valley and 46 percent at Fellowship Bible, for example), though he easily led the ticket with McCain and Romney splitting most of the rest. Still, overall, he only got about 51 percent of the Pulaski Republican vote.

Hillary Clinton, who got almost 56 percent of the vote in Pulaski against 69 percent statewide, generally won about 2-1 in white precincts and lost by that margin in black precincts. In other words, both Clinton and Obama received racial crossover votes. But the national trend was evident. The uber-liberal Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church split only 59-40 for Clinton. Sample black precinct: The vote-rich Greater Archview Baptist went 69-31 for Obama.

Here's a link to the county summary.Dem voters outnumbered Rs  54,914 to 28,710.

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