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Let's play hardball



Obama is on the attack against the Clinton presidency, noting the loss of Democratic officeholders during the period. No doubt about it. The tax increase that put the country's treasury in order was a killer for congressional seats. Clinton's inartful, if well-intentioned stab at increasing the dignity of gay people serving their country didn't help much either. And all that peace was terrible for the military-industrial complex.

St. Barack also said at a news conference today that super delegates shouldn't decide the Democratic nomination if he goes to the convention with a lead in delegates. Fine. If that party rule is to be ignored, then perhaps he'll join Hillary in the fight to seat voting delegates from Florida and Michigan. 

On the other hand, it might be a moot point. The media mavens continue to predict a dark future for the Clinton candidacy. If those predictions are correct, it will be rough on the Clintons, who've just loaned $5 million to the campaign.

While we're on the Clintons: Here's a good piece on press obsession with Bill Clinton's every utterance and the relatively scant attention it pays to the current president and the ongoing damage he's doing to the country. Which is more important, really? The State of the Union or whether Bill Clinton exaggerated about an Obama campaign utterance.

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